New White Trash Music Project – Michael C. Ruppert

Former cop turned whistleblower, investigative journalist, author, speaker, radio talk show host and star of the award winning documentary, CoLLapse, Michael Ruppert is also a founding member of the Venice, CA music project, the New White Trash.  Since its release January 11, 2011, Doublewide, the 37 song, double CD debut release from the New White Trash, has sold thousands of copies worldwide from their Bandcamp site and through their label, the Venice Arts Club. Mike Ruppert is a true American hero, having blown the whistle on the LAPD and the CIA for smuggling drugs from Mexico into South Central Los Angeles. Mike can be heard every Sunday evening at 6pm west coast time over the Progressive Radio Network.  His call-in show is The Lifeboat Hour. Avalanche & Earthquake is the theme song from that show.

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Picture of Wade DeVoid at the VeniceArtsClub, Venice, CA, taking a break during the recording of ‘Doublewide’ with the New White Trash (NWT). Wade founded the NWT with uber-activist Michael C. Ruppert (featured in the film, CoLLapse), the grammy-nominated Andy Kravitz, Kristen Vigard, a recording artist who sings backgrounds and harmonies with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fishbone (Kristen was also the original ‘Annie’ on Broadway, and played Moran Richards on the Guiding Light!).  Other members include Phil Maggini, formerly of Shadowfax, L.A. writer/musician Robit Hairman, Venice guitar god Michael Jost, photographer Cara Tompkins, visual artist Malia Luna.  The 37 song project was mastered by Bob Rice, who learned his licks working for Frank Zappa and is currently on the road with Paul Simon.  The New White Trash double-disc set is available through the NWT Bandcamp site, as download or in a hand-crafted paper-made set…with stickers. You can also tune into the NWT every Sunday evening at 6pm Pacific on The Lifeboat Hour, hosted by Michael C. Ruppert available online at Progressive Radio Network . com.

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